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Hazel is only a toddler when she sails back to Canada with her parents. As the boat dips and dives across the ocean, sending her bed crashing against the walls, Hazel wakes up to the tragic reality of the world around her. From then on, life seems a constant struggle, and can she really expect help from the odd bunch of grown-ups around her when facing her first day at school, the arrival of a baby brother or her parents' divorce? Still, life could be worse, thinks Hazel - she could be in the chess club, or have a name like Bogdana or Flower....

In this haunting and extremely funny account of the world according to Hazel, Gil Adamson's first work of fiction, written ten years ago and published now for the first time in the UK, reminds us that although growing up is about sorting out life as it is from life as it should be, stories will always be there to help us pretend.

'Striking, thoughtful, full of unexpected twists...a rare delight'  Guardian

'A superb adventure story'  The Times

Published by Bloomsbury
Size:  13cm x 19cm
198 pages

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